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Kenwee Professional is a company specialized in hair care products for beauty industry professionals with high technology and performance, we are a Brazilian company based in Sao Jose do Rio Preto.
In the relentless pursuit of quality, Kenwee does not skimp on advanced technology and raw materials of excellence. For this are promoted intensive research, resulting in innovative and differentiated products, which, besides the results, prioritize your health and well-being.
We have a highly trained staff who are always tuned in industry news and in the professional hair stylist needs. Through this concept we want to provide efficient and organized way of development opportunities, guaranteeing and respecting the internal employees, suppliers and ensuring total quality in the products offered.
The priority of Kenwee is the satisfaction and trust of your partners, customers and recognition that result in the consolidation of the brand in domestic and international markets.
For more than 14 years of existence, earned the trust and loyalty of industry professionals with ethical relationships. This achievement is the result of hard work, but mainly the transparency with which we execute it.
And we continue like this, ever closer to you!
Street Rua Rubião Júnio, 2329 | Cep: 15025-080 | Parque Industrial | São José do Rio Preto | SP
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